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Scientia Advisors Names Gretchen Hamilton as COO

Scientia Advisors Projects Sustainable Growth for Point-of-Care (POC) Testing Markets.

Rapid Growth of Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) Promises Better Care, Lower Costs and Changes in Pharmaceutical Landscape 

Rapidly-growing remote home health management market presents significant opportunities, Scientia Advisors Finds

Tripling of China Health Care Spending Promises Industry Opportunity in Diagnostics, Devices and Healthcare IT.

Health Information Technology Market Will Show Impressive Worldwide Growth, Scientia Advisors Finds

Fast-Growing Cosmeceutical Industry Needs New Ingredients; cultural, market and regulatory awareness, Scientia Advisors Finds

Are you at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Life Science Tool Companies Must Address Multiple Factors in Planning Growth, Scientia Advisors Finds

New Dynamics Priming Growth in Global Vaccine Market, Scientia Advisors Finds
Big pharma should pay heed to national immunization programs, therapeutic vaccines, new biotechs

Diabetes Care Shifting to Earlier, Expanded Insulin Use, Scientia Advisors Finds.
Says makers of newer therapies should prepare for ?power struggle? with insulin drugs in light of added patient testing, and  cost concerns especially in emerging markets

Scientia Advisors Launches Life Science  Knowledge Network

Scientia Advisors To Offer  Free Medical Industry Webinars

New Personalized Medicine Model Promises Quicker Pharma Profits, Better Health Care and Lower Costs, Scientia Advisors Find.  

Cambridge Heart's MTWA Test Accurately Predicts Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, SMeta-analysis Shows.

Scientia Advisors Forecasts Bright Future for "Functional Food" Market

InVivo Therapeutics Corporation
Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Joins InVivo Therapeutics Team
Richard Roberts, PhD, to advise on molecular biology of traumatic spinal cord injury, June 18, 2007.

Technology Enables Gene Finding That Could Lead to Personalized Treatment for Breast Cancer

Advanced high density prognosis tissue arrays used to predict tamoxifen response; Results to be presented at AACR meeting in Los Angeles Tuesday, April 17, 2007

EBD Group/Boston Communications
BIO-Europe Spring International Conference Builds Value Through Partnering, March  7, 2007

BioServe Partners with Harvard and Unversity of Michigan on Landmark Public Health Study
Genetic Study to Understand Linkage Between Lead Exposure and Children?s Intellectual Development in India; Possible Model for Broader Gene/Environment/Health Research, January 23, 2007.

Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts
BIAMA  to hold Statewide Youth Sports Injury Conference in Marlborough, October 5, 2006

Scientists Use Wireless Microchips to Control Drug Release in Vivo , "Intelligent" Drug Delivery on Horizon, March 13, 2006.

Center for the Study of Aging
"Eighty-somethings" Mount National Conference to Address Crisis in Professional Training for Senior Health, August 28, 2006.

 The Forsyth Institute

Scientists Find Three Bacteria Associated With Oral Cancer; Envision New Type of Saliva Diagnostic Test, July 6, 2005

The Forsyth Institute
Scientists Find Blue Light Combats Gum Disease Culprits, Consumer Device in Development , March 31, 2005

The Forsyth Institute
Researchers find important key to dental enamel formation, February 14, 2005.

The Forsyth Institute 


Joss Productions
PoisonPen.com Launches Anonymous Mailing Service for "Wickedly Funny" Greeting Cards, February 3, 2004.

The Forsyth Institute
corpion Venom Component Halts Bone Loss in Perio Disease Model, December 15, 2003.

The Forsyth Institute
Sen. Ted Kennedy To Attend Ceremony Honoring His Father Dec 9 , 2003

The Forsyth Institute
Scientists Find Protein is Crucial to Left-Right Asymmetry , October 16, 2003

The Forsyth Institute
Boston Public High School Science Champs to Report New Findings, September 8, 2003


Insurer, Research Institute Join Forces to Improve Oral Health , June 10, 2003

The Forsyth Institute
Researchers Identify Bacteria Associated with "Good" and "Bad" Breath , Februrary 18, 2003

Cochrane Collaboration
International Health Research Team Challenges Manufacturers' Power Toothbrush claims, Testing and Standards ,January 11, 2003