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About Anita Harris

  50262f14.jpg (11907 bytes)Anita M. Harris is an award- winning strategic communications consultant specializing in  editorial and media relations services for health, science and technology organizations, worldwide.

The founder and president of the Harris Communications Group, Anita has worked with  The Cochrane Collaboration,  Dentigenix,  The Forsyth Institute, Genzyme Biosurgery, Inspire, Scientia Advisors, Tufts University School of Medicine, and Wyeth, among others.  She has also served as interim public affairs director at the Harvard School of Public Health, as a public information officer in the Harvard University News Office,  and as deputy editor of the Journal of the US Public Health Service.

Previously, Anita was a national journalist reporting on health, science and technology for the MacNeil-Lehrer Report (now the NewsHour)  of PBS. She has also written for  Newsday, National Public Radio, Healthgate.com, and "The American Experience" of PBS, was a regular columnist for MSN, and is the author of Broken Patterns, a nonfiction book concerned with the social impact of technological change. She has given numerous talks and keynotes and has been featured on Talk of the Nation and the Connection and in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and the Detroit News.
Anita  has taught communications at Harvard and Yale Universities, at Simmons College, at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and in the MBA Program at Babson College.
A graduate of Cornell University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Anita was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, and has held fellowships in the Boston University College of Communications and at  the Center for International Communications at Tufts University.

Her affiliations include the Publicity Club of New England, the Public Relations Society of America, New England Science Writers and the President's Council of Cornell Women. She is also the founder and former chair of a nonprofit organization serving alumni of 10 prestigious universities and has served on the boards of several arts and alumni organizations. 

Anita has won four Publicity Club of New England Bell Ringer Awards and four International Communicator Awards.

In her free time, she enjoys photography, classical music, contemporary art, the outdoors and ...shopping.