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Your writing for Careerbuilder.com ("Getting Respect in the Workplace") and other Web publications has brought you to the attention of the editors of Encarta.  We would like to invite you to take part as a feature columnist for Encarta Extension, a new Web site dedicated to adult continuing education and career development. --Antonia Blume, Editor, Microsoft

"Bad Boss" article, MSN.com

Dear Anita,
 I came across your "Surviving a Bad Boss" article and would like to have you do an interview on our morning radio show.   We are are a rock station in Miami on the air from 6 to 10 am....  Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your article on surviving a bad boss.  You nailed a former boss I had perfectly.  He was so bad the person in the office below us called the police.  When I left his employ, I left knowing it was his loss not mine.  I had to leave part way through the day after trying for months to do my best.  I walked out with my head held high and I?ve never really looked back.  Thank you again for the great advice in the article.  -- janet


HRT Article, Healthgate.com
This is a real contribution for women.  I am forwarding it to my wife and

--Medical Scientist, Research Institute


Readers responses: "Emotional Intelligence," MSN.com


2006 International Communicator Award
2005  International Communicator Crystal Award
2005 International Communicator Award
2004 Bell Ringer Award
2004 Communicator Award
2003 Bell Ringer Award

2002 Bell Ringer Awards
          Best National Press Release
          Community Service Campaign


"I'm pleased to recommend Anita Harris, who, on short notice, developed brochure copy that was perfectly suited to our needs.  Because she  provided such outstanding service, we plan to engage her again in the near future.
 ---Michael Clark, senior vice president, Encorp Secure

?Anita Harris did a great job of getting out the news when we successfully used wireless technology to control drug release, in vivo. On very short notice, she wrote and disseminated information that landed coverage in more than 170 media outlets and led to a feature story about our company in the Wall Street Journal.  We were particularly pleased with her ability to respond to our requests quickly without sacrificing quality. As a result of the press coverage, we received numerous inquiries about our company.?
 --John Santini, President & CEO, MicroCHIPS, Inc.

Anita Harris has excellent strategic planning skills, creativity, a wide array of personal media contacts from her many years in business, and an uncanny ability to get publicity for companies.  She has won numerous regional and national awards for press releases that garnered coverage in hundreds of outlets, worldwide, for clients in technology, life sciences, nonprofit, and consumer arenas.  She won an International Communicator Award last year for her work with the Forsyth Institute. 

Cochrane Collaboration Press Release
As a somewhat cautious academic, I have been accustomed to my research findings being confined to the pages of peer review professional journals. I was therefore utterly astonished by the level of dissemination achieved by the power toothbrush press release you wrote for us in January, 2003, which garnered considerable coverage in news outlets all over the world.

The publicity brought to  a hugely increased audience the kind of work the Collaboration seeks to do...Of particular value to us were the links you were able to establish for us with more serious health journalists, some of whom wrote very good pieces on the issues raised. -----Bill Shaw, Director, Cochrane Oral Health Group, Manchester, England

Media Relations Training Presentation

The noon seminar was outstanding!    In addition to the quality of the material presented, the interaction with the audience was superb. I think this seminar will serve as the basis for continuing and expanding the strategic partnership. Kudos and compliments for a super job! Grazie! --Dominick Depaola, DDS. PhD  Research Institute President/ CEO

Brochure Copy
It's terrific! You've done a wonderful job of incorporating the "cool" lawyer with a substantive firm message.
--Marketing Director, Boston Law Firm

Media Relations
Thank you Anita.  Again, it was a great release. Be in touch.--Reporter,  Boston Globe

Web  development
Anita, I want to thank you again for the terrific job you did to capture my work in a web-site framework. I know how challenging it can be to distill a lot of information into an enticing form...
--Cliff Hakim, President, Rethinking Work